A Diverse Church in Chesapeake Preaches the Word of God as Revealed

Contemporary church service chesapeake

Those who are looking for a Christian church in chesapeake would be delighted to find a diverse church in Chesapeake that offers contemporary services. A diverse church in Chesapeake does preach the Word of God, to be sure, but also proclaims His word in a contemporary fashion.

A few churches, unknowingly and blamelessly, use mistranslated sources for His word, different from a diverse church in Chesapeake. When God revealed the Old Testament to the Israelites, it was written in Hebrew. After the Resurrection, when Christianity spread from Palestine to Asia Minor and Egypt, God revealed the New Testament to Greek and Aramaic speakers. All were later translated into Latin. The King James version translated into English these three languages, and divided it into 66 books, 1,189 chapters and 31,102 verses. So much was lost in translation.

A diverse church in Chesapeake, or any Christian church near suffolk, uses English versions of the Bible with more thought. For instance, the translations reveal that Noah took on clean animals like sheep in at least seven individuals, and only unclean animals had male female pairs. Newer translations that a diverse church in Chesapeake uses also reveal that the Mark of the Beast in Revelations, 666, may have actually been 616.

For those looking for a thoughtful, contemporary church service Chesapeake has to offer, a diverse church in chesapeake may be the answer. Not only does a diverse church in Chesapeake use the Bible translated from original source material, but also has a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. Newcomers to the area would be delighted to find a diverse church in Chesapeake.