Are Modern races Affordable?

Does your child need braces? While some parents think that orthodontics just help create beautiful, natural-looking smiles, the truth is that they also help people eat and speak better. Gaps in the teeth, teeth that are overlapping, and uneven bite patterns can lead to real issues. But one of the biggest blocks to getting your child braces could be the price. How can you find affordable orthodontics?

No child’s braces will cost the same as another child’s. There are two main factors that determine the cost of orthodontic treatments.

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The first factor is the time it takes to treat the issues with your child’s teeth. Longer treatment times mean more work for the staff at the orthodontics office, and that naturally leads to higher costs. The second factor is the need for extra appliances. A child who needs simple traditional or invisalign braces will have a cheaper treatment than a child who also needs a jaw expander, for example.

The video on this page will help you estimate the cost of your child’s orthodontic treatments. The orthodontist in the video says to multiply the number of months of expected treatment for your child by $180 to get a rough estimate of the total cost.