Examples of OTC Ointment Options

Many people suffer from skin abrasions and infections that need ointment to heal properly. These over-the-counter (OTC) ointments are easy to access without a prescription from a doctor. What conditions could require an OTC ointment?

Any burn, scrape, or shallow cut can benefit from an antibiotic ointment. These creams are meant to keep bacteria out of wounds and promote better healing.

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They can help wounds heal faster and stay clean from external germs.

You can also find antifungal ointments over the counter. These are good for treating athlete’s foot issues, jock itch, and even ringworm. There are different options for these, and you can even use a spray as a treatment. That may be better especially for jock itch because the cream can create a good environment for fungus to grow. This video gives options for treating your ailments.

Talk to a doctor before using a new OTC cream in case you have any allergies to ingredients in the products. You should only seek new healing options for conditions that your doctor recommends. An antibacterial ointment can be kept in the house for use in daily life but should be patch tested by a pediatrician for children especially.