Getting Fire Sprinklers for Your Property

Need a sprinkler system for your building, but don’t know what you need? The Youtube channel, FM Global, presents 4 different kinds of fire suppression systems and the characteristics of each one.

The most simple one fire protection sprinkler companies provide is the wet system. It’s the most common. This system has its pipes filled with water, including the sprinklers themselves.

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However, it cannot be used in areas that go through freezing weather.

The dry system can help in the event heating is not widely available. The water stays on the bottom, while the air stays on top. In the event of a fire, the air will bleed off, and then the water will flow to where it’s needed.

The third type is the deluge system. The main advantage of this one is the ability to operate some of the components manually. There will always be a switch or lever of some kind that you can turn in case of fire.

The last one on the list is known as a preaction system. It has the same basic construction as the deluge system, with the exception of sending water to closed sprinklers rather than nozzles or open sprinklers.