Have Your Children Gone Back to School Yet?

The beginning of the school year is a major transition for many families. Moving from mornings of sleeping in and days of fairly open schedules to a day that is scheduled from the beginning to the end is a major challenge for some. In addition to making a transitions from a relaxed summer schedule to a more disciplined school schedule also means that there is a new group of parents who are learning what it is like to have a young one starting kindergarten.

Because every one of us has been in a classroom in the past, it should come as no surprise that there are many people who feel as if they are experts on how their children’s school days should be spent. No matter what your educational experience is, it is important to make sure that you are able to encourage those who are in the classrooms today. From budget cuts to the threat of more and more monies going to private school settings, there are many challenges that schools and educators face today.

The combination of knowing that everyone thinks that they know how to do a teacher’s job and budget cuts is one of the most major challenges that today’s educators face. So much so, that in some parts of the country it can be a real task for school staffing agencies to find enough qualified applicants. Finding a teacher who is skilled in creating lessons that are student focused, while at the same time motivational, is not always easy. In districts that offer the lowest salaries, in fact, school staffing agencies can hardly find one or two highly qualified candidates.

Today’s School Staffing Plans Must Meet a Number of Requirements

Different educational staffing possibilities exist in different kinds of schools. Finding the right specialists when needed, for instance, can help a school that has many students with non traditional needs. Finding the right way to make sure that you have the best staff, of course, is to make sure that you are able to meet the needs of all the students in the building.

The latest research from public school indicates that 50% the public school workforce is made up of classroom teachers. The other 50% includes guidance counselors, nurses, speech therapists, and other needed positions. When they are not in the classroom, students are too often spending their time with their eyes and ears focusing on a digital device. In addition to keeping them inactive and feeding the need to be entertained, the more than 40% of U.S. parents who report that their children spend three or more hours a day using digital devices are admitting that their children are spending their time to an activity that can ultimately contribute to vision and hearing loss.

As school staffing agencies help districts create the best learning environments, it is important that parents remember their roles as well. By supporting the teachers and encouraging their children to remain active and away from digital devices, parents can make sure that their children always make the best transitions in school