How Does a Trash Removal Service Work?

On the channel Dumpster Business on YouTube, the video called “How to Make $2,000 per Day Hauling Trash” shows you how to start up a trash removal service and earn money minus the expenses. Their narrator says starting a trash hauling business in a town or city is hard because often they have one of two contractors that do the work. Rural areas are easier to start a trash hauling business and any rural area is a good place to try. You will still need to purchase the right equipment, trucks for hauling, dumpsters, insurance, licenses, and pay other fees that come with the service.

Video Source

You will not need a CLD in most cases as most trucks can haul 1,800 to 2,500 pounds. You will need to rent a dumpster for hauling away trash and some dumps have a fee for bringing trash to the dump. The trucks will need insurance and you will need workmen’s comp for yourself and other workers. There are many fees that have to be paid for a day’s work and you may be paid $2,000, but you end up with an $800 profit after all the fees are paid. That is still a good profit, and you can put money into your business by upgrading equipment or adding services. Some businesses remove scrap metal and sell it, which brings in additional revenue. Trash removal is a good startup business for rural areas.