How To Solder a Sterling Silver Bangle

If you’ve ever been interested in making your own jewelry, a great place to start is by soldering a sterling silver bangle bracelet. Soldering is the process where you join two pieces of metal together. This process is vital to making a bracelet because it’s what unites the ends of the metal to make the bracelet.

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This may be interesting for you because if you’ve ever been to the jewelry store, you may think that the process looks so simple anyone can do it. This is true that with some practice, you can learn to solder a sterling bracelet. The first thing you’ll need is the actual silver. The silver that’s used to make this sort of bracelet is fairly easy to get and once you have a spool of it, you can begin soldering. You take the silver and form it into a circle. If you want to have a bracelet that will last longer, it’s important to find a thicker silver to use. It’s also useful to know that instead of trying to form the bracelet by hand, having tools with you can make the bracelet look even better when you put it on.