How to Study the Bible Verse by Verse

Studying the Bible is a life-long practice. You will likely go through a lot of different phases and techniques over the years as you get to know the Bible better and better through your study. If you’re looking to move beyond reading whole chapters and pondering on them, you could try a verse by verse Bible study practice.

There are quite a few ways to study individual Bible verses.

Video Source

Some people find great insights by tuning into podcasts or other educational resources that take this approach. With a guided study session, you may find that the verses gain new context for you.

If you do want to study on your own, though, the video on this page can help. The host of the video explains her method for studying individual bible verses, and she calls it verse mapping.

She starts with her Bible, a blank sheet of paper, and a pen. She says the steps of the process are prayer, observation, interpretation, and application. She explains the steps in greater detail before showing how to draw out the verse map. In the map, she provides context for the verse to help herself gain deeper insight into its meaning.