Key Qualities of the Top Private Schools

The Board Tourist’s video, Top Private High Schools in the United States, presents what they consider to be the eleven top private schools in the United States for 2022. They list the primary reasons parents send their children to private rather than public schools. Those reasons include top private schools having:

-Smaller class sizes
-Wide range of courses
-High extracurricular opportunities
-High graduation rates, including many that approach or equal 100%
-Low student-teacher ratios provide greater individual student attention in and out of the classroom.

Video Source

The video then shifts into countdown mode, beginning with the 11th-best among the top private schools and finishing with their top private school. You will need to watch the video to learn which schools made the Top 10 +1, but each performs at the elite level for parental reasons for choosing a top private school. All have rigorous coursework, including opportunities in music and art, with some being boarding schools. Their students earn high average SAT scores, achieving nearly 100% college acceptance and high school graduation rates. All this comes at a price, with tuition running between $32,000 and $59,000 annually among these schools, though some provide financial assistance as needed.

To learn more, consult the video we have linked above!.