Make Learning Fun for Your Kids with These Three Top Free Websites

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Why should your kids be using learning games to help them learn subjects like math and reading? Studies have shown that games often help kids focus better, allowing them to learn more. Games help make learning fun as well as less stressful. The consequences of losing a game, after all, aren’t a bad report card. Here are three of the top free kid learning websites, for several different areas of study and play.

1.Best All Around Free Kid Learning Websites is a good all around website for tween aged children, or ages 8 to 15. This educational site tries to engage its users in a number of topics, including business, geography, art and science. Kids can play chess or program a robot, among other activities. It is very popular, with over 7 million players, and it has been lauded by different parent groups for both safety and educational value.

2. Best Free Spanish Learning Websites

Kids learn languages differently from adults. Not only do they process words more quickly, but they will also be more reliant on visual clues and prefer websites that look friendly and inviting. is a good option for learning spanish. They have multiple tools for learning, including flashcards, drag and match games, click and say number, 1,000 action games, short dialogues, videos and more. The site has a lot of fun options for kids that will keep them from thinking of it as “studying.”

3. Best of Free Math Learning Websites

Did you know that, according to Dr. Harris Cooper of University of Missouri, children can lose up to three months of learning during the summer months away from school? Many kids who struggle with math might find that this creates an extra barrier to learning. Keep skills sharp with sites like It gives tons of options for games, learning resources, books, and more. It has a math dictionary as well as practice lessons. is a good runner up, with many similar features.

What free learning sites for kids do you use? Let us know in the comments