Roofs for Teachers Re Roofing 10 roofs in 90 days

Roofing contractors are helping teachers get the roofs that they need. Not all roofing contractors are on board with making roof options more affordable for teachers, but this one is. Learn how this contractor is helping teachers get the roofs that they need for their homes.

Video Source

How are they making a roof more affordable? This video talks about a program that the presenter offers for teachers called Roofs For Teachers. This video explains how the process works and how they can help teachers get the roof they need.

Roofing Insights is offering one free roof a month nationwide for a teacher that needs help with their roof. The video explains what you need to do to nominate a teacher that you know deserves a new roof but cannot afford a new roof.

This is a nationwide charity that chooses who gets a new roof via a simple application system. Tell your story and submit it and you may get a new roof. Roofing Insights is doing this for free, there is no charge to apply, and there are no strings attached. Watch the video to learn more about this awesome program and how it can benefit the teachers in your life.