School’s Out for Summer, But That Does Not Mean You Have to Quit Studying!

Camps for kids

Parents, please remind your children that mopeds and dirt bikes are illegal in parks. It is also a safety hazard, as many people and children take advantage of the local parks in the neighborhoods.
The post is the likely the first of many as the school year ends and the long days of summer begin.
And while you have one neighbor already posting on the neighborhood website and worried about how kids are spending their time, you are relieved that your daughter is planning to stay busy part of the summer taking a summer school course.
The Lifetime Fitness class that your daughter is taking will not necessarily be academically challenging, but it will get one physical education credit out of the way and allow her to take another Advanced Placement class during her junior or senior year. For four hours every morning June 5 through July 7 your daughter will be exercising with some of her friends while at the same time earning a PE credit. In addition, she has two summer reading assignments that she needs to complete for her AP U.S. History and AP Language classes that she will take next year.
These school related pursuits do not guarantee that your daughter will completely stay clear of any unauthorized moped riding in the parks or other even less favorable activities, but you feel that she is off to a good start.
Is Your High School Student Registered in a Summer Program?
The fact that the summer school classes fill up so quickly is evidence enough that the pursuit of academic achievement should not take a break during the summer. Even if the classes in a schedule are PE, these can free up the next semester for more rigorous class work. Summer school registration is on a first come first served basis so the competition to even get in the class is competitive.
Whether you are looking for summer school options for your high schooler or you are finding a private preschool for your youngest, the pursuit of academic excellence is always important. Summer programs, in fact, are some of the best ways to give children of all ages a head start. Summer Algebra classes and preschool ready programs can help your students be better prepared for their regular school year classes.
Full day preschool options are the start on a path to academic success. In fact, students who attend private schools typically have higher rates of graduation and acceptance into college. Although some people select day care centers as an option for their young children, the decision to find an academically oriented preschool is a must. Summer programs can provide the academic boost that even the youngest children need.
Consider some of these statistics about the importance of academic summer programs and academic pursuits for your children:

  • 66% of U.S. four-year-olds now attend preschool or child-care centers.
  • In their adult lives, participants who attended preschool as children were more likely to complete a higher degree of education and go to college than the people who had not gone to preschool.
  • A major advantage of private preschools is that both schools and classes tend to be much smaller. This not only only nurtures a sense of community and belonging, but also allows children to receive more individualized attention than students who are in a public school.
  • Good preschool programs offer a wide variety of activities, including dance, voice lessons, art classes, storytelling instruction, as well as indoor and outdoor free play, games, and projects. Each of these activities are designed to teach children a variety of valuable lifelong skills.
  • Parents of private school students tend to be committed to having input in their child’s education so many private schools encourage, and some require, parental participation.
  • Some preschools use a system of key developmental indicators to track a child’s emotional and social development.

If you are looking for a way for your child to be academically competitive, summer school classes or preschool programs are essential. Outside of the typical classroom, parents can search out extra opportunities for their children. It may only be a couple of days into summer, but it is never too early to look for academics opportunities.