The Benefits Of Online Learning


For those who wish to pursue their education, online learning can be a legitimate way to advance education as well as their career (as the two often go hand in hand). In fact, the majority of those who take at least one class online do so because it allows them to balance their family life, social life, and existing career. Many people who participate in online learning also said that they like online learning in part because it allows them to study whenever, wherever. Online learning is becoming more and more popular now, with over 30% of all students enrolled in at least one online class, if not more.

Many people choose to pursue online learning in order to advance their career. In fact, as nearly 60% of jobs will soon require a post secondary education at least in the next coming years, online learning is a great way to move forward in one’s career. Nearly half of all people who are taking an online course cite this is their main reason for pursuing online learning. These people are what we call “professional learners,” or those who pursue learning in order to move forward in a career. These professional learners make up over 60% of all online learners.

Many people pursue online learning just for the sake of learning itself. These people, called personal learners, make up around 70% of all people taking at least one online class. Personal learners pursue learning for a number of reasons. One reason, which over 40% of personal learners cite as motivation for them, is to be better involved in their community and volunteer programs. Many personal learners also pursue learning in order to make new friends. Around 80% of personal learners want to learn simply to broaden their own horizons and know more about the world. They said that they wanted to make their lives more interesting and full, and wanted to pursue learning as a way to do that.

No matter what your reason for pursuing online learning, taking an online class is an easy way to grow both professionally and personally. Taking even just one online class can make you a different person than you were before, and open up new doors in your career. It’s important to note that online learning is more popular than ever before, in part because it makes education accessible to more people than ever before, giving people the opportunity to balance getting an education with their social lives, family lives, and existing jobs and careers.