Three Great Minecraft Seeds

Using Minecraft seeds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like them, this is the article for you. There are many beautiful Minecraft seeds to use, but the three below have beautiful landscapes to explore and using Minecraft server hosting, you and your friends can wander these worlds to your heart’s content.

Seed 1: -436497117887980569. With this seed, you will find yourself spawning in the desert.

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But not just any desert: this seed plants you in the middle of a Cordura with a large lake in the middle, with the Cordura surrounded by Mesa Hills. It is beautiful and lush with amazing scenery right at spawn.

Seed 2: 55169095443288579. This seed spawns you in a mangrove forest, with a small village right next to you. There is a desert with a pillager tower right next to the forest, as well as a rolling plains area with another village on its edge. There is also a giant canyon for you to explore in the forest.

Seed 3: -1962604225673812469. This spawn brings you to the edge of a wolf den, surrounded by rolling forested hills of spruce, oak, and birch. A village with two churches and a blacksmith is right near where you spawn, following along a beautiful river.

These seeds are perfect for starting a new Minecraft world, either with yourself or with your friends.