Tips for Industrial Painting

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Industrial painting is a necessary process to keep your industrial machines looking sharp and professional. This article will discuss the steps to complete an industrial paint job.

The first step is to tape off segments of the machine that you don’t want to paint on. This will keep the lines crisp, and make the machine look much cleaner and more professional. Use paper tape, rather than plastic, for a better look.

When stirring the paint, make sure to put water sealer on the stirring sticks. If you don’t, the paint will break down the stirrer and cause wood chips to get into your paint job.

When mixing paint, you want an even number of stirs clockwise and counter-clockwise. Otherwise, the paint will settle unevenly and look awkward on the machine.

Next, place primer along the segments of the machine that need it. Then, run over the whole machine with a white primer. This will make sure the paint adheres well and stays on for longer. Then add your coats of paint going from front to back.

The final step is to add any decals or wrap to the vehicle. Use tape as a guide for centering, and add a soapy water solution to the decal so you can move it slightly after you apply it to get it just right.

For more information on the steps of the painting process, click on the link to the video above.