Tools Every Painting Contractor Should Have

Before embarking on a painting job, every painting contractor should have various tools to execute the job better. Aspiring painters can see how these tools work from this video. Some of the most crucial tools include:

Tape Measure

The tape measure helps painting contractors determine the area they are painting before embarking on the project. Having accurate measurements helps contractors purchase the required amount of paint.

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Putty Knife

The putty knife removes trenches and opens up cracks to create sufficient room for a filler. It also removes excess filler to level up the repaired surface.

Wall Filler

A filler repairs cracks and holes in the walls. Some fillers feature a nozzle and tube for easy application.

Painter’s Tape

Painting contractors use this tape to cover places they don’t want to paint, such as trim and baseboards. The painter’s tape doesn’t damage walls once removed.

Hand Masker

The hand masker clasps the painter’s tape, helping painting contractors apply it easily and in straight lines.


Painting contractors should choose the suitable bristle type for their paint finish. For example, synthetic hair brushes are ideal for different types of paint. Use natural bristles when applying oil-based paints for a smooth finish.