What Can Hormone Replacement Therapy do for Infertility?

The YouTube channel Rehealthify points out that hormone replacement therapy or HRT is usually given to menopausal women to help reduce the disruptive symptoms of menopause. However, it can also be given to women suffering from some infertility issues.

Women who have irregular periods stand to benefit the most from hormone replacement therapy.

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They help regulate a woman’s cycle so that it’s easier to determine when she is most fertile. The exact type of hormone used depends on the doctor and the patient’s preferences. The hormones can be administered in pill form, by injection, or with vaginal creams.

HRT can also help stimulate a woman’s ovaries to produce more eggs. This leads to better chances of getting a successful pregnancy with IVF treatments. These are incredibly expensive treatments not covered by health insurance, so getting a baby the first time around is a relief in more ways than one.

HRT does carry side effects. It has been known to increase a woman’s chance of getting a stroke, heart disease, and breast cancer. It can also increase a woman’s chance of getting a dangerous blood clot. Women need to discuss their entire medical history with their fertility specialist to determine if HRT is a safe enough treatment.