What Happens at an AC Company During the Day?

Are you a handyperson who takes pride in your practical skills? Perhaps it’s time you specialized as an HVAC technician. Let us look at what happens at an AC company during the day to help you decide whether this is the right niche.
The duties of an HVAC technician are not cast in stone.

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They vary daily as customers come with different installation needs and repair requests. As an HVAC, you cannot predict your daily schedule because there is no monotony.
For example, one day, you might move from house to house, troubleshooting problems and making AC repairs. The next day you might spend the entire day in a factory installing an industrial air condition system.
On other days, you might be asked to work with the engineering department to develop new products to meet the market demands. Therefore, no day is like the other. However, this spontaneity is what makes the profession exciting. Does this kind of field pick your interest? Get a taste of the life of an AC technician in the video linked above.