What to Avoid When Pressure Washing Pavement

Getting started with a new pressure washing business can be difficult — many new entrepreneurs are surprised by the variety of skills needed to get a business started and keep it running smoothly. From business know-how to understanding how to ensure high-quality results, we’re here help you get off the ground with your new power washing business. The video and this post have tons of great tips to help you learn what to avoid when getting started with your pressure washing business.

Stick By Your Pricing

Many paver power washing company owners are contacted by realtors, companies with large numbers of units for rent, landlords, and homeowners for quotes. These inquiries often come with a request for a discount.

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Many new entrepreneurs are inclined to drop their prices in the beginning — it seems like the best way to get the contract. This inevitably leads to problems because business owners forget that clients still expect full-price results when paying discounted prices — which causes conflict and leads to bad reviews. It almost never leads to repeat work. When you’re just starting out, make sure to set prices that take your expenditures into consideration and stick with them.

Do Spot Tests

There are tons of different materials and types of build-up that one has to contend with as a paver power washing professional. No one expects anyone to get everything right immediately, but there’s a huge difference between needing to do some investigation before getting started and ruining an element of someone’s home. As power washing professionals, we often work with strong and dangerous chemicals. Take the time to test things out in an inconspicuous spot before beginning on the larger task. It ultimately saves time, money, and frustration.