What to Know About Operating a Trailer Brake Controller

A trailer brake controller is great for reducing trailer sway and reducing wear on your brakes. It’s a small device that fits into your truck or car’s cab. In some areas, any trailer over 3,000 pounds is required to be used with a trailer brake controller. Big Trailer Rentals describes how to operate trailer brake controllers.

After getting the trailer brake controller installed, it’s necessary to set it.

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Hit either the positive or negative button. These are the buttons with a plus or minus sign on them. Choose a low number at first to set the trailer brake controller. You can always increase the number later.

Hitch your trailer up, if it’s not hitched up already. Take it for a short test run of a few feet at 10-15 mph and then apply the brakes. You shouldn’t feel your trailer dragging or pushing your vehicle. You just want a nice, steady drive.

Get to know the different functions of your trailer brake controller. Trailer brake controllers also offer a manual override option. Try this out to see if it works better for you. There should also be an emergency stop button. Memorize where it is and test it out to make sure it works before you go on a long haul.