What You Should Know About Hospice Services

Hospice is a unique but misunderstood healthcare service. A hospice supports people nearing their death. This YouTube video explains facts you should know about hospice services.

Hospice services prolong life – Hospice is not a death sentence.

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Instead, according to the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, hospice patients add an average of 29 to their lives.

Hospice is all about relationships – Hospice is beyond managing pain during the last days of life. It also builds family relationships and strengthens the bond.

Hospice services are for a wide range of people – Hospice is not for cancer patients alone. Many people are eligible, including abandoned older people who can make a new family with the hospice team.

Professionalism is a top priority – Hospice is not all about prescribing and administering medicine to patients and leaving them for the dead. There are trained hospice doctors and nurses who give hospice services.

As hospice service providers put it, choosing hospice services is not giving up, it’s a practical decision that allows a patient to have a peaceful passing.