What You Should Know About the Importance of Implicit Bias Training

You may be interested in learning more about the basic research on implicit bias training, and the basics of how fair and impartial treatment is important. Awareness of implicit bias is important for all walks of life, and especially for police officers who are obligated to serve and protect all citizens fairly without bias influencing their decisions. Fair and impartial training is important for a proper and accurate representation of the experience of people from all races and ethnicities. Critical action research has helped to uncover how institutionalized bias has made an impact on how daily interactions occur in professional and public settings, including matters that deal with police encounters.

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According to some research, CBS News interviewed 150 large police departments, and 69% of them had implemented bias training. Police bias training solutions are important for every person to have a fair experience when interacting with members of police departments. Having unconscious biases due to the social structure of society has a major impact on individual treatment, and works towards creating racial equity for all people alike.