Why a Human Development Degree Is Great for College Grads

Interdisciplinary studies

Continuing your education may be a daunting task. Sometimes it can also be overwhelming to figure out where to begin. However, the effort used in research can benefit you immensely in the long run. 83% of students agree that earning their degree has improved their future. There is no doubt among peers that getting a degree is a great decision. Continuing your education can basically guarantee better jobs and higher salary. On average, the hourly wage of a college graduate is $32.60. Whether you are an under graduate beginning their college education, or a graduate looking to continue, you can always work towards a more plentiful future. There are many programs that can make it easier to assess your situation, determine the degree you need, and help you along to achieve the outcome you need.

There are many paths to go on with your education. It is important to find out what you want to pursue and do your research. 6% of college graduates are majoring in psychology, and 11% of college graduates major in history. Being sure about the path you want to take is a key part of having success in the future. Many students have reasons for continuing their education, such as a need to better support their family. Those with demanding jobs and children to support may be nervous about taking on education. However, there are programs and solutions offered at many colleges that make it easier for students with families or unique situations to pursue the adult education they need. Your situation in life does not need to get in the way of your educational growth and going after a career you are interested in.

A great example of a degree with a promising future career is a human development degree. Human development and family studies is an excellent major for those who want a career with variety. A human development degree is extremely versatile and offers many options in terms of career paths. This is true for other Liberal Arts areas such as communications degrees, psychology degrees, and English degrees. Human development degrees cover many areas such as counseling, social work, teaching, health, and business. Human development deals mainly with society and family, and how people behave within these niches. Many who go with a human development degree end up in careers working with children, troubled teens, or parents. This path entails that you are going towards working with other people and being involved in their lives. So if you are good with people and interested in aiding them, this could be a great choice.