Why do You Need an Estate Law Attorney?

In this YouTube video, CMS Law Firm LLC discusses the rationale behind needing an estate law attorney. These lawyers are skilled in estate tax law, family protection and do their best to eliminate barriers for families inheriting wealth or assets.

It’s a misconception that a person can go to a third-party website to create a generic legal document and have that document fully protect a person or their interests. Papers from a third-party website are not always up-to-date and are used by potentially thousands of people.

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Legal documents drawn up by the lawyer are up-to-date and cover situations and future scenarios that are not accounted for in generic documents.

An estate lawyer can fix and update a document based on new family status situations. For example, after a significant division in the family like divorce, one spouse may not want to leave certain wealth or assets to their former spouse upon their death. Wealth distribution may need to be changed if a family increases through births or adoptions.

One of the first meetings a person will have with an estate attorney involves gathering information about the person’s situation, family, goals, and assets. The estate lawyer will advise a person on the best legal structure for them and their family.