Why to Use KN95 Masks

During COVID-19, you’ve probably heard of KN95 masks. This is because they’re one of the greatest protections you can use against the virus. Keep reading to learn about why you should use them.

With these masks, you are able to protect yourself and others from getting the virus. this is better than other masks because of the way they are created.

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The material they are created with also has something to do with the level of protection. They have a double-lined interior and are created to fit flush against the face. This lowers the risk of particles from your mouth escaping into the air.

Other masks are less effective at protecting other people. They are usually not as close-fitting and can sometimes only have one layer. You can often only KN95 masks from certain places, and they can be extremely expensive compared to others. Talk to your doctor about where you can get these masks if you want some. They will know where to access them.

To learn more about these masks, watch the video here. There’s a lot to learn about these types of masks! Then, call your doctor to ask about where you can get some today.