Workplace-Funded Childcare is a Growing Trend

Employer sponsored child care advantages

What are the benefits of enrolling your child in an early learning center for children? An early learning center for children provides childcare as well as an introduction to social skills and learning that will be the foundation of their future lives. Researchers in early child education have found that young children below 5-8 years of age have a unique capacity to learn, which begins to slow down as they grow older. Languages, music, social skills, numbers and much else are absorbed easily.
Childcare options for working parents are expanding to include corporate childcare centers that provide early education as well as child care. Companies with onsite childcare find that there are numerous benefits from this service for parents, children and employers.

A good start with early education
An early learning center for children gets kids off to a good start. Every parent has wondered why children never stop asking questions. That’s because there’s so much for the kids to learn, and they’re literally hard wired to learn. In fact 3-year-olds have about 1,000 trillion connections between the cells in their brains, a sign of active learning. These connections actually decrease over time and adults have only half as many.
This means that during the early childhood years, human beings are biologically able to absorb much more information than at any other time in their lives. That’s why two-year-olds are more active at that age than any other. They’re also learning fast, and adding to their vocabularies at the rate of five new words a day.
An early childhood center for children gives children the tools and activities they need to follow their curiosity about the world and to utilize their learning skills to build a base for lifelong knowledge.

Childcare is a major expense for working parents
Childcare is a major expense, and in the U.S. parents bear about 90% of the financial burden. In fact child care costs for two children exceed the median monthly rent payments in every state. Many parents rely on multiple strategies for childcare, such as child care centers, sharing childcare duties with neighbors, help from the family etc.
A new trend is the creation of corporate childcare facilities, where employers help parents by subsidizing the costs of childcare. Most such facilities are managed by independent contractors who provide their own staff. Such facilities function as early childhood learning centers for children, providing children the fundamentals of learning and social skills.

Childcare and workplace productivity
For parents, children and employers, corporate-sponsored child care has many advantages. For the children, a safe, secure environment where they can learn and play is exactly what they need at that young age. The knowledge that their parents are nearby adds to their feeling of security. For parents too, there is a sense of security in knowing that their kids are nearby and being cared for by qualified and vetted staff.

For employers, the benefits of onsite childcare include employee loyalty, fewer maternity leaves, less absenteeism, better job performance and higher overall productivity. It also contributes to employee retention, making the employer more attractive to working parents and especially to working mothers.

Onsite early childhood learning centers for children help working parents and employers, while providing children a solid foundation for future learning. This is a trend that can be expected to grow in popularity.