Your Questions on Foundation Repair, Answered

Is a home’s foundation repairing service necessary? If you answer yes, you should know how this is accomplished. A brief YouTube video titled “Foundation Repair Process: Revealed!” details the steps involved in this procedure. It describes the entire process, from site preparation to evacuation, ramming, leveling, backfilling, and final site cleanup.

Video Source

First, prepare the site for additional piers. This is accomplished by surrounding the house with wood boards and tarps to protect the lawn/yard. Additionally, ensure that additional tarps are available for interior piers. Evacuate the area by drilling pier holes approximately five or six feet apart beneath the home’s load-bearing beam. Ramming with hydraulic machines is the next step.

Now you have to lift the house. Once the desired elevation is achieved, secure the lift with concrete blocks and steel shims before stabilizing the slab. Using the dirt evacuated, backfill the pier holes and haul away any excess dirt.

Finally, make sure that your site is well-maintained. Additionally, you should be prepared to reclaim your home. Engage only seasoned professionals.