3 Reasons Why Children Should Learn Spanish in Elementary School

Preschool spanish lessons

A young mind is like a sponge, thirsty for knowledge, insight, and experience. One of the best things to feed and cultivate a young mind with is a second language education. Numerous studies and research show that the effects of learning another language are extremely beneficial to children, increasing both their intellectual capabilities and their chances for broader opportunities in the future. Here are just three of a plethora of reasons that schools should have an elementary school Spanish curriculum:

  1. Prevalence of language
    While children can benefit from learning any language as their second language, Spanish is a particularly useful language to know. Across the globe, Spanish is an extremely prevalent language — in fact, there are 387 million native speakers, with that number only continuing to grow. In fact, more people on earth speak Spanish than English. A lot of this has to do with America’s close proximity to Mexico and other Southern Amerian countries. And with many hardworking Spanish immigrants moving to the United States, more and more people in the United States will speak Spanish as their primary language.
  2. Makes Language Learning Easier
    Starting with elementary Spanish curriculum makes it so children are exposed to the Spanish language at an extremely crucial time in their lives. Before children reach the age of 12, their minds are most susceptible to absorbing and integrating a second language into their regular store of information. Having a Spanish curriculum for elementary school will ensure that they learn the language more easily and retain it throughout their lives.

  3. Open Up Their World
    The world can seem a whole lot smaller when you only know one language. From reading Spanish story books to exploring Spanish-speaking countries, learning Spanish as a second language in elementary school will expose children to a world of culture that they normally would not be privy to.

Unfortunately, most schools wait until middle or high school to start teaching a foreign language, but when it comes down to it, incorporating an elementary school Spanish curriculum will be more beneficial in the long-run, and ultimately makes for a smarter and more globally aware child.