The Benefits of Getting a Continued Education

Secondary education

For some people, going to college right out of high school isn’t quite right — which is totally fine! Gaining experience in the work world can seriously guide the difficult decision of what to do with your life — or you could spend the time traveling, making art or music, or doing volunteer work at home or abroad. But, whether or not you decided to forgo an traditional higher education, at some point getting some sort of degree might be a good idea, especially if you took some time off to figure out which direction you want to go. Check out these reasons why getting a secondary education could really work out for you:

1. It Pays Off
The opportunity cost of not going to college will cost you about half a million dollars, taking into account average additional wages and bonuses. The truth is that the education is worth it, in the form of connections, reputation, and increased specialization. In fact, 83% of all college attendees say that their degree has “paid off.”

2. It Will Nurture Your Passion
Whether you are passionate about communications and plan to pursue a career in public relations, or you love literature and are interested in pursuing publishing, adult education will indulge the things you are the most interested in. The chance to learn a field inimitably, from theory to history to current affairs, will give you the in depth knowledge you’ll need to succeed in it later on. And don’t think that studying academic subjects will leave you behind — English majors with only bachelors degrees reported average starting salaries of $36,200 and mid career salaries of $63,500.

3. Networking
Do you know why Greek organizations like social and academic fraternities and sororities started? It was because of the need to form a solid alumni basis for communicating later in the students life — i.e. as a networking resource. Communications majors can tell you the importance of knowing people and fostering relationships in the field, whether it be to find jobs or organize groups and events.

Don’t be afraid! Continuing your education later in life does not mean you’ll fall behind — in fact, it is a well-worth it investment in your future and ability to get ahead. Take a chance on yourself and go back to school.