Take These Steps to Becoming a Tattoo Artist

Brooklyn tattoo apprenticeship

Do you think you want to be a tattoo artist? If you are considering going to tattoo school or doing a tattoo apprenticeship, there are things you should do first. Becoming a successful tattoo artist involves more than just knowing how to do the most popular tattoo designs. It takes a lot of work, patience and drive.

Tips to Becoming a Successful Tattoo Artist:

  • How serious are you about your art? Note that people who design and draw tattoos are artists. If you are not passionate enough about your art to want to practice it all the time (practice does make perfect after all), you should look into otehr lines of work. There will be some people who only want to get of the most popular tattoo designs put on their arm but many want something that is unique. Even when you are copying another artist’s work, it is your art that will grace their skin for a very long time. Take pride in that. Take the time to study and develop your art. You can even go to art school for tattooing.
  • Consider how much you like dealing with people. Being a tattoo artist is not just creating the most populat tattoo designs. When you become an established and well known artist, you will be able to have an attitude but when you are just starting, you cannot. If you do not like dealing with people, this is not the business for you. Yes, it is your art you are tattooing but it will be on people so you cannot work just to please yourself but your clients as well. Not all of the most popular tattoo designs will qualify as “high art” and you just have to get used to that.
  • Get your high school diploma or GED. Many people are under the false impression that they will not need to finish high school if they plan to work as a tattoo artist. This is not optional for would be tattoo artists. This is an essential step in becoming a tattoo artist and will be needed to get the neccessary certifications. If you are under 18 years old, you should know that you will have to wait until you reach 18 to be certified.
  • Find a good tattoo studio to apprentice. Becoming a tattoo apprentice is a great way to learn the trade, connect with people in the tattoo community and see what the life of a tattoo artist is really all about. You want to do the most popular tattoo designs? This is one of the best ways to get started along that path. Seek out tattoo studios in your area and ask. Be polite when you go in. The staff at the tattoo studio get a lot of requests like this so one way to NOT get an appreniceship is to go in with a bad attitude.
  • Make the most of the tattoo apprenticeship. You need to the best best employee you can be when and if you start a tattoo appreniceship. Do the menial tasks that other people do not want to do. If you see the floor needs to be swept, do not wait to be asked to do it, just do it. Make yourself into a valuable asset and a great part of the team. This shows your work ethic and gets you noticed as a dependable and reliable person.
  • Tell everyone you meet what you are trying to do.

There was a time when tattoos were reserved for sailors or other people on the fringe of society. Now, it seems everyone is spoting the most popular tattoo designs. Nearly 60% of people with ink are women. There are at least 21,000 tattoo studios around the United States and that number can only go up. If want to become a tattoo articts, you can if you combine your passion for art with a lot of hard work and determination.