A Beginners Guide to How Dry Cleaning Works

Dry cleaning, contrary to the name, does not use dry waves to clean clothes. Instead, an organic solvent is used to clean the clothes alongside some mechanical action.

Once the clothes are done, they are given a quick inspection to make sure that they’re in good shape, after which they are taken away to be pressed. The dry cleaning professional will also inspect the clothes to make sure that all buttons are intact and the lining is sewn on well. If there is excess lint on the clothes, it’s first taken off before pressing.

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After it has been pressed, each garment undergoes a second inspection to make sure that it’s still in good shape. This includes making sure that there are no missing buttons, no hanging threads, no stains, and that the pressing has been done perfectly.

Once all this is done, the clothing is ready to go. The owner will either collect their items or have them delivered. Each dry cleaning company will have different specialty services that they offer, so ask for what you need to be done in advance and you will be likely to get the right results.