Best Way to Take a Rapid Covid Test

Two main types of Covid tests are available for at-home use; the standard PCR test and the rapid Covid test, also known as the rapid antigen test. The benefit of a rapid Covid test is people can get results faster, and these tests are available in pharmacies, supermarkets, etc. Here is how to take a rapid Covid test.

According to the narrator in the video, the first thing people should do is sanitize the surface they’re using and empty the Covid kit’s contents on a paper towel.

Video Source

The second step is emptying all the liquid inside the buffer vile into the extraction tube.

The third step is inserting the collection swab in each nostril and swirling five times while gently pressing the nostrils for the swab to collect a lot of content.

The fourth step is inserting the collection swab into the extraction tube and swirling it several times. After swirling, people should wait for about two minutes.

The fifth step is attaching the lid to the extraction tube; it doubles up as a dropper. The contents of the extraction tube should be emptied on the drop spot on the test cassette. Only three drops should be used.

Finally, people should wait for about fifteen minutes to get their results.