Cords for Your Honorable Graduate

High school honor cords

Graduation cords are an important part of the high school graduation process. They are symbolic of moving on, turning the page of one’s life, and generally a sign of accomplishment. High school graduations just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Not all graduation cords are created equal, though. If your son or daughter was part of the National Honor Society, then to broadcast that accomplishment to the world, you will need Honor Society cords! High school honor cords are available from the Honors Program, and are invaluable in making the accomplishment of your son or daughter being in the Honors Program stand out. National Honor Society cords are distinctive, and give the graduation uniform that extra beauty that highlights the inner beauty of your son or daughter.

Honor cords for graduation need to be ordered separately from regular graduation cords. Graduation honor cords can be ordered from the Honors Program website. Be sure to order your Honor Society cords as early as possible so you are prepared for the graduation ceremony! Make your son or daughter stand out in their honor, with their service to the Honor Society. More: