How to Conquer the Big Speech

Public speaking coach

Anxiety has a funny way of showing up when you least need it to. The overwhelming fear of public speaking is something that triggers this anxious, gut wrenching feeling in most people. The problem for many is that they classify this energy, boiling up inside, as fear or nervousness. To beat the fear of public speaking, one must first believe that they are not nervous or anxious or afraid. The energy inside is positive, it is exhilarating, and it can be a powerful weapon in any setting.

Public speaking anxiety and the fear of public speaking are both easily overcome. The concept of positive thinking has a large role in overcoming such a daunting task, no matter how small or large a particular crowd is, and that is where to start. Most people who take a public speaking course are offered advice and tips on how to think positive, project confidence, and speak with authority. These are not new things learned or taught. The fear of public speaking comes from an underlying lack of confidence, creating the anxiety and tension that you feel when stepping up to the podium. In a nutshell, having confidence and conviction to what you are going to say and do will be your greatest ally in overcoming the fear of public speaking.

Some of us just have the natural ability to swallow our pride, put on a smile, and talk in a group setting. From time to time, even these people have nervous moments but it never turns into a fear of public speaking. These people turn the situation into a fun, energetic presentation or speech and often never lose that strange buzzing in their ears. These people choose to ignore the risk and relish in the reward. Public speaking help can do wonders for people who lack the ability to stand in front of many people and say what they would normally say in a one on one setting. the fear of public speaking is often magnified in most individuals because they feel they must become some Hollywood actor and deliver the speech of all speeches. In reality, the material should be the same, the delivery should be confident, and it should all be to the point.