More Student Choose Online MBAs and Online DBAs

Online management degrees

There are currently 300,000 students enrolled in either an MBA, DBA, or online DBA program. Of these three options, the online DBA and MBA programs offer the most flexibility. Offering a combination of flexibility, control and convenience, an online DBA program and other online leadership degrees are becoming increasingly popular throughout the western world.

Online DBAs and online management degrees have a rich history behind them. The predecessors of online MBAs and online DBAs emerged in the 19th century, when businesses recognized the need for a scientific approach to management. Dartmouth College offered the first true MBA in 1900, and the practice spread overseas to Canada in 1950, and South Africa in 1951.

In recent years, top online mba programs and online DBA programs have become increasingly popular. Currently, there are 11,000 online MBA students and other online DBA students studying at programs accredited by the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools. It, along with the AACSB, the ACBSP, and the IACBE, are the major accreditation bodies.

But why are online DBAs and online MBAs so popular? Part of it is cost. Accredited online MBA programs have no real physical plant needs, and can support higher student to faculty ratio. As a result, costs are controlled.

Part of the popularity also stems from flexibility. An online MBA program means that a student can take courses from her home, office, or even a park bench with wifi. Anywhere that is a convenient location will work. A student also has the freedom to manage a career, her family, and any other obligation.

Finally, online MBAs and online DBAs have a great return on investment. The typical MBA graduate can expect an 80,000 USD salary from the first year she leaves business school. That does not mean she will earn 80,000 USD, and no program will guarantee anyone a job. In general, though, MBA graduates do have better job market chances than their peers.

An online MBA program is a great investment for anyone to make. The next time anyone considers such a program, she should consider the flexibility and the return on investment it provides. Often, online MBAs and online dbas win on btoh counts.