How to Set Up a Home Media Server

Are you looking at setting up a server for the home? You may be a business owner working from home, or you could just be looking to have a server to share with family and friends. Either way, there is hardware involved that you need, whether it be voice servers or simply a server to share information.

First off you’re going to need some form of a computer.

Video Source

In this video, a much smaller version of a pc is displayed. This is the type of unit you would use for some small-time hosting. As a server host, your responsibility is to the people who are using the server. So the thought should be to satisfy what they need to use it for. Another thing you’ll need is a monitor. Although this seems self-explanatory, you need to be able to view the performance of the server at all times to make sure you can repair it if something goes wrong. The last thing you’ll need is a large amount of ram and storage. This is so that you have the space to store all the data that’s shared in the server and also have the ability to run it quickly.