Introduce Spanish to Your Child’s Homeschooling Curriculum

Spanish curriculum

Have you decided it’s time to have your child learn a second language? Studies have shown that the best time to introduce a second language is before the age of five. Once your child learns a second language, it will be even easier for them to learn a third.

While there may be quite a few people in the United States that speak more than one language, the Summer Institute of Linguistics reports that over two-thirds of children throughout the world are bilingual. In the United States, it appears that only 17% of the entire population speaks a language other than English.

If you’re not sure which second language your child should learn, Spanish would be an excellent choice. In addition to being spoken in the United States, it is also the official language in 21 countries. Recent census reports indicate that there are approximately 367 million people that are native Spanish speakers.

Furthermore, when considering the future benefits of being bilingual in English and Spanish, your child may have increased employment opportunities. They will be able to enjoy traveling to Spanish-speaking countries because they can communicate with ease.

Your child will really enjoy learning how to speak Spanish. In addition to being educational, preschool Spanish lessons are also designed to be fun. As you know, preschoolers in particular love their story time, so this curriculum includes entertaining readings from Spanish story books.

Are you planning to homeschool your child? You can give them a head start by introducing preschool Spanish lessons before you begin teaching them other subjects. If you’ve already begun teaching your child other subjects, it can still be easy to include a second language. As your child develops their vocabulary and grammar skills, you will be able to eventually introduce kindergarten and elementary-school level Spanish lessons.

Since your child’s language skills are constantly developing, it makes sense to include a second or third language while they’re preschool age. If you have already been homeschooling your child for several years, you have probably noticed that they learn best with imitation and repetition. When lessons include games, songs, and other fun activities such as reading from a Spanish storybook set, learning can be significantly enhanced.