Why you should send your preschooler to summer camp

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Summer is quickly approaching and, if you’re a working parent who has a child in preschool or pre kindergarten, you are probably already making plans for what to do while school is out. Do you hire a nanny or ask your parents to watch them? Or do you send them to summer camp? Believe it or not, summer camp is probably your best option when it comes to early education and development. Read on to find out exactly why…

1. They will be physically active. Since it’s summer and the weather is nice, most summer camp activities involve a lot of movement and exercise from hiking to playing on the playground to swimming. It’ll be an experience that’s just as healthy as it is fun for your child.

2. They learn structure. One of the toughest adjustments for young children transitioning from preschool to elementary school is learning how to follow set schedules and rules. Summer camp activities can be a great way for your child to get their feet wet when it comes to routines and a more structured schedule.

3. They will make friends. This is one of the best benefits of sending your preschooler to camp. It gives them an opportunity to get out of the house and interact with other kids their age…and possibly make some close friends before school starts which will help with first day anxiety. Not to mention, participating in summer camp activities will strengthen their social skills and cooperation.

4. They will learn so many valuable skills. From teamwork to resilience to decision making, the important life skills that your child will gain during summer camp activities can make a world of difference in shaping their future. It’s never too early to instill good character and qualities in a child. Plus, they’ll get their first taste of independence being at camp without you and will learn how to handle themselves around others and make their own choices (and face the consequences!).

5. They will be more confident. When your child realizes that they can climb that scary ropes course or win the all camp swimming race, they will feel better about themselves and more confident in their abilities (both things that transfer well to the classroom, too). Being able to overcome obstacles will give them an awesome sense of accomplishment and boost to their self esteem.

6. They will get to try new things. Whether it’s pottery making or kayaking, being at summer camp will introduce your child to so many new hobbies and activities. Who knows, they might even discover a hidden hobby or passion that they never knew they had!