Keep Your Company’s Future Bright Sponsor Childcare

How to choose a daycare center

Imagine a world where all your childcare woes are over. A world where, instead of hiring a wide array of child care professionals to care for your child while you work, you only have to bring your children to a professional, safe place. A world where daycare is the least of your worries. This is not a just a dream, its possible in real life! These are just a few of the many employer sponsored child care advantage, and there are many more.
Corporate daycare facilities are usually childcare options that are provided on-site, or at least subsidized by, companies for the exclusive use of their employees. In return, both the company and employee benefit. Employers with onsite childcare receive the benefit of having workers that are less absent, concentrated and productive. As a result, parents who need childcare in the workplace are significantly more loyal, with higher retention rates. These are just a few of the many employer sponsored child care advantages.
It is convenient. Over 11 million children in the United States are placed in childcare every year. These children represent a wide population of parents who would benefit from these employer sponsored child care advantages. In fact, many parents use a combination of childcare options. Employers with onsite corporate childcare alleviate this need because in this situation, parents only need one!

It is safe. Safety is always a top concern for parents, so it is obvious that it belongs on a list of employer sponsored child care advantages. We know that trusting your child with any other person is the greatest honor and responsibility you can give to them. By providing the top childcare professionals in near proximity to work, parents can focus on work instead of their kids.

It is helpful. Parents spend a significant amount of time finding a daycare for their children. When they do, they often spend a lot of time coordinating transportation to and from this daycare or have to leave work when their children are sick or uncooperative. While a corporate daycare, this scenario no longer exists! Additionally, one of the employer sponsored child care advantages is the money it saves both company and their employees. Normally, childcare costs for two children exceed the average rent payment of a typical American family. Rather than spending their days worrying about their children and how to pay for it, workplace-funded childcare alleviates this stress so employees can focus their jobs.

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