Training Standards for the Global Wind Organization

When your work is to repair and maintain wind turbines whereby you are expected to deal with heights, you will need to undertake a GWO training course. Heights can be dangerous if you are not careful. For instance, you might fall when repairing the wind turbine, injuring yourself.

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So to avoid that, you will need to take the GWO training course. It consists of five modules, but it has some great benefits. It helps you know the risks and hazards associated with working at heights specific to wind turbines. Once you know the risk, you can have perfect remedies to ensure you do not become a victim. The training course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to identify personal protective equipment. You will need it when you set out to work on the wind turbine. Knowledge of the PPEs will enable you to inspect easily, service, wear, take off and store them. This equipment includes work positioning equipment, fall arresters, harness, and lanyards. The course enables you to correctly use the relevant PPE, including the identification of anchor points and conduct whenever you are using ladders. Therefore, it prevents you from falling and picking up unnecessary injuries. This is a course worth taking, especially when working with wind turbines. Your safety matters a lot. Therefore, you must get the skills and knowledge to protect yourself.