Whats a Hermetic Feedthrough Used for?

If you work in the automotive, engineering, or electronics industry, you may have heard of a hermetic feedthrough. They’ve become more commercially available for manufacturing businesses in these industries across the country. They are resilient components. So, what are hermetic feedthroughs?

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A feedthrough is a connector for two circuit boards. They act as electrical conductor for various environmental barriers. Depending on the kind of feedthrough you have, it can transmit low current as well as low voltage electrical signals. Or, it can transmit high current or high voltage electrical signals.

When it comes to a hermetic feedthrough, this particular style means the feedthrough has a hermetic seal. Most importantly, this type of sealing allows the connector to be completely sealed and airtight. This sealing also protects the feedthrough from unsuitable and extreme environments that can damage it. Hermetic sealings can be made from epoxy resin, which seal off gases and some fluids, and glass-to-metal technology. The glass-to-metal sealings can operate under high pressure and high temperate settings.

A hermetic feedthrough has well-engineered sealing technology that keeps the feedthrough well-protected. All in all, hermetic feedthroughs have the duty to deliver both electrical isolation as well as hermeticity. Find a hermetic feedthrough for your applications today.