What Are the Costs For a DUI Lawyer?

If you find yourself defending a DUI charge, you are going to need a good DUI lawyer. Good lawyers, of course, can cost a lot of money. Here are some of the reasons you might be seeing a high price tag, and how to know if you should take the deal.

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Some attorneys may charge $1000, some will charge $5000, and the difference here is usually in the quality of lawyer and their work. You want to look at their background in DUI charges. If they were a former prosecutor for DUIs, they will probably charge a great deal more than someone who is new to this area.

Someone who is inexperienced is probably just looking to add a case to their portfolio. Of course, they want to do well, but they have less staked in this than you. If you want to go to trial for your license, this might cost you more. Bring that up when interviewing lawyers.

Reserach the lawyers in your area, especially if you have never gone to court before. You should choose the best lawyer that you can afford to help you out of your DUI charge, or it could follow you the rest of your life.