What Educational Options Are You Selecting for Your Children?

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Education is the one thing that we all have in common. In fact, many of us are experts about what works and doe not work in education. We make these assumptions based on the education that we received. Unlike other important area of our life like doctor’s and dentist appointments, where only a select few have the schooling to earn the license and the experience, we all have training in education. As a result, many of us have strong feelings about the education that we want our children to receive. And while many people simply select the local public school as that option, other want their children to attend a private school setting. Private middle schools, in fact are the choice of families and parents who want their students to be academically challenged in a caring environment that also offers a variety of enriching activities and athletics opportunities.
Private Middle Schools Can Provide a Controlled, Smaller Learning Environment
According to national statistics, private high schools on average often have half the enrollment of public schools. This statistic is also true for middle schools. Smaller schools can provide a lower student to teacher ratio, which allows middle schoolers the chance to get the attention they need. A 2007 Fraser Institute study indicated that 91% of parents surveyed said teacher dedication was their main reason for choosing private school.
Middle school years are a transition time for many students. Changing bodies, changing attitudes, and changing moods make for young men and women who tend to be looking for answers. In a large public school, some middle schoolers get lost and struggle to where they fit in. A private middle school is small enough to allow these young children the opportunity to be recognized for their unique selves while being academically challenged. Small classes allow private school teachers to individually challenge the best and the brightest.
Taking the most advanced classes while in middle school prepares students for the rigors of academics in high school. Without the best foundations, these students may struggle to succeed in the courses that they need in high school that will prepare them for success in college. Private middle schools provide the academic foundation needed later in life.
Private School Settings Offer Safe Choices in the Midst of a Chaotic World
The same 2007 Fraser Institute study indicated that as many as 72% of parents surveyed with children in the private school system strongly agreed that their school was safe. Large public schools, on the other hand, seem overwhelming and dangerous to some families. The thought of a young middle schooler being shuffled among a crowd of thousands at the larges public schools sends chills down the spines of many parents. A smaller private school option, however, allows parents to feel safer about the days at school.
Private schools have many rules and regulations in place that can work to control the behavior of their students. Uniform requirements, for example, make sure that every student is conservatively dressed at all times. Because these schools are private they also have a strong hand in controlling who is able to attend their school. Students and families who do not follow the rules and guidelines can be asked to leave.
The world is a scary place for the parents of middle school students. Selecting a caring, safe environment as a school setting makes that world seem less frightening. Many times it is impossible to control what children are exposed to, but private schools allow parents the opportunity have some control over the school day.
Private School Activities and Athletic Opportunities Offer Students Challenges and Variety
Studies indicate that student athletes often have the best grades. Learning to mange a schedule that includes both team practices and classroom homework is a skill that serves students well for the rest of their lives. Private school sports teams offer students an opportunity to challenge themselves physically, while at the same time learning to build team skills.
Off the athletic field, private schools offer middle school students the variety of many activities. Business, foreign language, robotics, leadership, and chess clubs provide opportunities for both fun and growth. Sponsored by school faculty, many school activities lead to a student’s future careers.