What You Should Know About Towing Companies

Towing companies are a necessary service, but you may not know what to expect when you call one. Check out the video below for more insight. Here are some tips.

  • Don’t call them for minor issues. If one’s car is stuck or broken down, they shouldn’t call a towing company. A towing company does not want to be bothered with that kind of stuff, and it will cost a person more than it’s worth to have them come out.

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  • Don’t call them if the car has been stolen. If one’s car has been stolen, they should contact the police immediately! A towing company can only take away vehicles legally parked on a public street or highway—they can not take away stolen cars because they aren’t allowed to enter private property without permission from the owner or tenant. So, if someone steals a person’s car off their driveway and parks it in front of their house, then wait for the cops.
  • A person must ensure enough room for the tow truck driver! It’s essential for safety reasons that there be enough room for a tow truck driver when they arrive at one’s location. Call home for more details!