Why Steinway Is the Best Piano Company

If you’re a musician — pianist or not –, you’ve probably heard of the Steinway piano company. Steinway & Sons was founded in 1853 and is actually an American brand. German immigrant Henry Steinway founded his piano company in Manhattan, and his legacy lives on as the most world-renown manufacturer of pianos.

What makes Steinway’s pianos the best? Their craftmanship. Grand pianos constructed by the Steinway piano company take 11 months to build.

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The most affordable instrument that Steinway produces comes with a price tag of $187,000. However, it’s not just the cost that makes Steinway the best — they’re priced that way for a reason.

Steinway’s instruments are produced in only two factories in the world. Furthermore, the construction process has been virtually the same for as long as this piano company has existed. This video goes into great detail about the manufacturing process and offers great insight into the materials and techniques that are used.

Steinway maintains limited factory space to ensure quality control over every instrument. A Steinway is only as good as its sound, which is the quality that draws the most elite pianists to this piano company. Learn more about these musical marvels with this video.