Why You Should Consider Taking An Online Course


Education is important, we can all agree on this. The value of a college degree is inarguable. A degree can open doors and provide career pathways that would know otherwise exist. In fact, studies have shown that up to 60% of jobs with require some type of post secondary education by 2020 – just a scant few years from now. But a traditional education is not always the best course for some students, be it because of how they learn or because of their busy lives. Sometimes, learning from home, in an online setting, can provide a doorway to furthering education that may not have existed before.

Not everyone learns best in a classroom – in fact, many people do not. And not everyone has time to take an in person class. Many students – almost 70% – who take classes from home do so because it allows them to juggle other responsibilities like family, a career, and even a social life. The vast majority of online students said they loved taking classes online because it opened up their availability so much. They could study whenever, wherever, when it best fit into their schedules. And online learning is becoming ever the more popular. Even among those who engage in traditional classroom learning, over 30% of students take at least one online course in their time as a student. The overall number of students participating in home study courses is by now over 6 million, according to a 2013 study done by the Babson Survey Research Group.

There are many reasons to participate in some type of home learning, be it an online course or even just online lectures. While many people take online courses to further advance their careers (these account for over 40% of online learners and are classified as “professional learners,” meaning that they are pursuing more education with the purpose of applying it to their career), many people fall under the category of “personal learner.” A personal learner is someone who learns simply to benefit themselves or enrich their lives in some way. Almost 70% of personal learners stated that taking classes at home helped open up new perspectives in life as well as making them feel more well rounded. Many felt that it helped them connect with people and foster new friendships as well.

No matter what the cause for furthering education, be it personal or professional learning, learning from home is always an option that can expand your world and your knowledge of it. Learning from home broadens horizons, opens doors, and connects people. It makes education infinitely more accessible.