A Basic Training Guide for Using Michophone Booms

This video will teach some simple steps you can follow when using microphone booms. Microphone booms are the best option for you to prevent any ambient sound in your environment from affecting your audio quality.
What are the basic steps to follow when using microphone booms? An ideal microphone boom set-up consists of various equipment, including a c-stand, a nine-foot-long boom pole, a 15-foot long XLR cable, a boom pole holder, a grip head, a microphone mount, and a sandbag.

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Ensure one of your c-stand legs is facing the same direction as the boom pole to increase stability. Attach your grip head to the c-stand before vertically mounting your boom pole holder.
You can then fasten your microphone boom through the rubber bands on its pole before placing it on the holder. Angle your microphone boom towards your subject’s mouth for the best audio quality.
You should connect one end of the XLR cable to your microphone boom and the other end to an external audio recording device. Ensure your cable is not shaking your microphone boom by fastening it onto the pole. Don’t forget to place your sandbag at the base of your c-stand for additional stability.