What Does an AG Lime Delivery Company Bring?

AG lime, often referred to as agricultural lime, is a crucial ingredient in agriculture because it is used to reduce soil acidity. AG lime delivery services that meet farmers’ needs have thus been established due to their demand. This video gives us a brief overview of what an AG lime delivery company might offer.

Companies that distribute AG lime offer a natural product that helps adjust the pH of farmlands.

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Since most soils naturally get more acidic as they deteriorate, adding AG lime helps lessen the soil’s acidity. This is necessary because soil bacteria cannot thrive in acidic soil, which prevents them from breaking down fertilizer into key soil nutrients.

Additionally, neutral soils enhance the performance of herbicides used to control weeds in agricultural areas, increasing crop yields. AG lime also aids in reducing the nitrogen runoff from fertilizers used on acidic soils that would otherwise pollute our streams and rivers.
Ample AG lime is delivered to the precise location on your field where AG lime delivery businesses require it. Testing the pH level of cropland and GPS mapping are required steps in the procedure, and it is usually applied in the fall after harvesting or in spring before tilling.