Basics to Repairing Buckling Stucco

You’re probably wondering why you need to hire a stucco repair contractor when you can do the fixing task yourself. However, it’s always recommended to get the services of a professional for home improvement projects — especially if you don’t have any training or expertise in that particular job.

You can reap numerous benefits from having a proper stucco installation done by a professional stucco repair contractor. When properly built, this cement-based plaster will require less care and can be long-lasting.

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Still, while this cladding can survive for several decades or even more than a century, you should always have it fixed as soon as you see signs of damage like huge blisters or cracks appearing – before it progresses or causes more problems.

Cold temperatures can cause damage to a wet stucco installation. However, before repairing it right there and then, make sure to wait until the temperature at night is over 40 degrees. But even hot, windy, and dry weather can also be problematic since they can suck up the moisture necessary for the mix to cure properly.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid working in the heat of the sun. Doing so will make the stucco application dry too rapidly, which can also cause problems that will cost you more money. Therefore, you should work under the shade and also cover the installation with a plastic sheet between coats to keep the moisture intact.