How Does Commercial Log Splitting Work?

Commercial log splitting requires an electric log splitter that operates like a regular ax. For the machine to function, it uses a hydraulic pump system. Depending on your purchase type, you could push the log through a blade or vice versa.

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Not much work is involved when using a log splitter. You only need to place the log in the right spot.
Commercial log splitting machines are composed of six elements: a tank, filter, hydraulic pump, engine, and valve. Once the engine is turned on, it pushes fluid from the tank through the pump to two valves that lead down to the hydraulic piston and a tube leading back to the tank.
The piston drives the blade using fluid from one valve and then the other, which triggers a return of fluid to the tank via the filter. The role of the filter is to prevent debris and articles from interfering with commercial log splitting functions. Filter’s crucial role requires that they are often replaced to ensure efficiency.
Fluid has a role in cooling down the log splitter, which gets significantly heated when used regularly.